Merry Christmas To All Our Blog Readers

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Hello Dear Codedwaper’s,

Thanks for visiting us this year. While you may think of us as a No. 1 Entertainment and Educative Site , there’s so much more to our story.

Codedwap has Gain It’s Popularity, the nonprofit champion of a healthy, safe, and open Portal. At this time of year, we ask for your help to ensure that those principles always ring true.

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From Entertaining and Educating literacy around the world to Importance Of Entertainment And Educating Portal that keep the Internet growing, We At Codedwap believes we should all be free to explore and discover, create and innovate without barriers or limitations. We are an independent voice helping to ensure that power is in the hands of the many, not held by the few.

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We need your support to carry this healthy Internet mission forward in 2017. We all want an Internet where our safety, security, and identity are respected — now and for generations to come. Your help makes a difference.

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Merry Christmas And New Prosperous New Year In Advance!!!!!!!!!

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