I Want To Continue Coaching Career – Hodgson

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Former England boss Roy Hodgson has told Sky Sports he is keen to return to management.
Hodgson, 69, has been out of work since resigning in the wake of England’s humiliating Euro 2016 elimination against Iceland.
He is looking to extend his 40-year coaching career with a club or national side and said: “I feel fit.
“I feel that if anything I think you become a better coach — if wisdom is a word which is at all relevant in football, and I would like to think it is, you do become a bit wiser with the years.
“You perhaps make a few less mistakes with players that you would have made when you were young, thought you knew it all and thought you were invincible.
“I certainly don’t feel that I couldn’t handle the day-to-day work and the day-to-day pressures.
“I just have to wait and see what comes along. I’ve not been in any particular rush. I’ve never had a long spell out of the game, it’s always been a month or two and then back in again and sometimes not even that.

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“So these four or five months won’t do me any harm. But I’m hoping that something will come along that will really interest me.”
Hodgson, who put England’s loss to minnows Iceland down to “fear” spreading through the team, backed the appointment of Gareth Southgate as his permanent successor and said he could see “a positive future.”
He said it was “great that he comes into the job with such a positive perception of him as a person, him as a coach, and his experience of the FA and what he’s capable of doing.”
And he added that he believed England boasted “a lot of players who are very dangerous, who can cause all opposition problems, but most important of all they are strong defensively, they get back quickly, they win the ball back quickly in the Barcelona manner.”

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