Couple Who Attended The Same Primary School Set To Wed This Weekend

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Olu and Nike sure have had the long wait to finally become one as they are all set to officially tie the knots this weekend.

The couple’s love story is one to surely put a smile on your cheesy faces. Read it below as shared by Coralconfetti:

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Once Upon a time, a little boy and girl called OLU & NIKE were in the same class in Primary school. From that young age, Olu already knew what he wanted and started building little blocks in order to achieve it. Nike on the other hand was playing hard to get, can you see where she stood in the photo on the right but Olu said to her, “I will catch you in the future, and you will definitely be mine.” And catch Nike he did, because this Saturday they will be saying I DO this time, Nike no do shakara again, and the lived happily ever after.
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