Catholic Archbishop Of Kampala Warns Women To Stop Beating Their Husbands

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The Catholic Archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has warned women against beating their husbands, saying they “should love and respect them“,

He stated this while reacting to a police report about Mpingi district in the Uganda’s central region, which showed that five out 10 reported cases of domestic assault involved women beating their husbands.

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Uganda’s privately owned Daily Monitor quotes the Archbishop of Kampala, saying women should accept men as the head of families:

“Do you want to take over power from men in your families? I think you want to challenge God who tells us that men are the heads of the family.

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“Stop torturing the innocent servants of God. There is no need for you women to behave like some people we are seeing nowadays in the country who are merciless.”

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