Barcelona Football Philosophy Must Continue – Iniesta

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Andres Iniesta has underlined the importance of the Barcelona philosophy and has stressed playing good football is as important as winning games for the LaLiga champions.
Barca have been accused of moving away from their famous possession-based style of play under Luis Enrique, but Iniesta is adamant their philosophy remains intact.
“We have to continue believing in the Barcelona philosophy,” Iniesta told Esport 3.“It is not enough to just win but how you do it, and how often you do it. It is not winning in any way possible.

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“The Barcelona philosophy has to be there and survive.”Iniesta will turn 33 later this season, but he is not thinking about retiring just yet as he continues to enjoy himself on the pitch.
‘’ The passing of time has changed me,” he added. “The 22-year-old Iniesta is not the same as the 26-year-old, or the 30-year-old or the 32-year-old. It is an evolution and I think it is a good thing.
“I have always felt I was an important player. I am enjoying my football. Sometimes with the passing of time, you enjoy it less and less but, for me, it is the opposite.”

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