6 Things Every Student Should Know Before Choosing A Course Of Study

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The one thing worst than not attending a higher institution is, going there to study what your mind does not really accept or which you do not have plans to build a career on. In no distant time, the 2017 JAMB UTME registration will commence and most students might likely be confused on the course of study to choose. If you are in this category, here are 6 things you should know before choosing a course of study. ….

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1. Do not choose a course because you were persuaded by your parents or because your friends intend to study same course, you will end up being a passive student and this will affect your ability to cope in school.

2. Before choosing a course, review the content of the course, dig into the course details using the internet or even speaking to a professional of such course, if you find the content interesting, then there is a good chance you will enjoy studying the course in the next few years.

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3. Do not choose a course because a relative studied it and he/she is doing well, we are all created with different talents, what worked for Mr A might not work for Mr B, choose a course that comprises of the subjects you are good in.

4. Find out if your choice of institution have the required facilities necessary for the course you chose, this is important especially for most science courses and arts courses like Mass Communication, arts and design.

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5. Do not choose a course just to obtain a degree certificate, ensure that you have an intention of building a career on it.

6. Lastly and most importantly, do a research on the employment opportunities available to your choice of course. Do not join the crowd to avoid getting stuck in the long queue, try to do something different.

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