Young Players Are Under Pressure – Wenger

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said he believes young players are under too much pressure to succeed in the modern game.
Wenger warned that high expectations and “the fear of not being successful” were taking a toll.
He told a news conference he feared young players were being specialised — restricted to playing certain positions — too early and were isolated from what he called “normal” social life.

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“Parents have a lot of expectations and put a lot of pressure on the boys,” he said. “They [young players] are not overprotected.
“They are under pressure very early to be successful, and they come to training with the fear of not being successful every morning.
“Do we specialise them too early? Do we give them too much coaching too early and not enough freedom?”
He said young players should be encouraged to “practice other sports at an early age and transfer their skills to our sport.”

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