Plane Carrying Brazilian Football Team Crashes In Colombia

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At least 25 people have been killed after a plane carrying Brazil’s Chapecoense Real football team crashed in Colombia.

Reports suggest authorities — who have now suspended the rescue due to heavy rain — have only managed to rescue five people from the wreckage near the town of La Ceja.

Alan Ruschel, a defender on loan from Internacional, is the first player named as a survivor.

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He was taken to hospital with injuries as local emergency services braced prepare for an influx of patients.

His sister said on Twitter: “God is great and will look after you. Stay strong. You are a soldier.”
There were 72 passengers and nine crew were on board the LAMIA plane.

The Brazilian First Division team changed its flight at the last minute on its way to a regional final in Colombia.

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The club issued a statement shortly after the tragedy, saying:
“may God accompany our athletes, officials, journalists and other guests traveling with our delegation.”

It said it will not be giving any more information until the full extent of the disaster is revealed.

Ambulance crews ferrying survivors to hospital were only get to within 30 minutes walking distance of the remote crash site.

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Rescuers on foot had to stretcher survivors through fog which prevents them from seeing a few feet in front of them, local radio reported.

They are then being put into lorries and driven another 700 metres to waiting ambulances.

Some of the lorries are getting stuck in mud making the panicked rescue more difficult.

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