Obasanjo Fires Buhari For Blaming Previous Administrations For His Woes

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Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari over blaming his predecessors. The Ex-President said it is it is uncharitable, fussy and uninstructive of this present administration to continuously castigate the administrations before it. Obasanjo said this while delivering his keynote address at the first Akintola Williams Annual Lecture held in Lagos yesterday November 23rd. He said:

“The blanket adverse comments or castigation of all democratic administrations from 1999 by the present administration is uncharitable, fussy and uninstructive. Politics apart, I strongly believe that there is a distinction between the three previous administrations that it would be unfair to lump them all together.
I understand President Buhari’s frustration on the state of the economy inherited by him. It was the same reason and situation that brought about the cry for change, otherwise, there would be no need for change if it was all nice and rosy. No administration can or should be comfortable with the excruciating pain of debilitating and crushing economy. Businesses are closing, jobs are being lost and people are suffering.

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I know that President Buhari has always expressed concern for the plight of the common people but that concern must be translated to workable and result-oriented socio-economic policy and programme that will turn the economy around at the shortest time possible. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect things to change.
Now that we have had change because the actors and the situation needed to be changed, let us move forward to have progress through a comprehensive economic policy and programme that is intellectually, strategically and philosophically based. It is easier to win an election than to right the wrongs of a badly fouled situation.

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When you are outside, what you see and know are nothing compared with the reality. And yet once you are on seat, you have to clear the mess and put the nation on the path of rectitude, development and progress leaving no group or section out of your plan, programme and policy and efforts. The longer it takes, the more intractable the problem may become”he said

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