Even After 17 Years Of Marriage, Mr. Latin Still Makes Me Laugh At Home – Wife Says

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Nollywood comedy actor, Bolaji Amusan, better known as Mr. Latin, and his wife, Oluronke, share their love story in this Punch Newspaper interview, enjoy!

How did you meet your wife?
Mr. Latin: I met her while strolling along my office one day at Isabo in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I asked her out but as an actor, she merely laughed off my request. I pestered her for some time and she eventually agreed after two and half years. We got married in 1999.

What initially attracted you to your spouse?
Mr. Latin: I was swept off by her beauty, straightforwardness and sincerity.

Oluronke: He was very different from all my other suitors. I like his honesty above everything.

For how long did you date before marriage?
Oluronke: We dated for two years before we decided to get married.

Was there any initial objection to your marriage?
Oluronke: Yes. My father initially objected to our relationship but my husband later won him over.

Mr. Latin: Her father initially objected to our union because he loves her daughter so much. At the time, nobody wanted to give his daughter out in marriage to an actor. But after observing that I was truly in love with his daughter, he gave his blessing for us to marry.

Whose idea was it that you should live in Nigeria while your wife and children stay in Dublin, Ireland?
Mr. Latin: It was the idea of the two of us. There was a long strike by teachers at a time and we thought such would not give our children what we really wanted for them. We decided to relocate but because of the nature of my job, I cannot stay over there with them.

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Oluronke: It was a mutual agreement between my husband and I.

How has it been maintaining distant relationship?
Mr. Latin: We spoke almost 10 times every day. I woke them up with telephone call in the morning to speak with my wife and children till they are off to school. We also chat on WhatsApp and do video call almost every day. I do go to visit them and they come to Nigeria as well.

Oluronke: There is no discomfort because we manage to keep the communication going and this has helped us in building healthy relationship.

What domestic chores do you help your wife to do?
Mr. Latin: When I am with them abroad, we do almost everything together, including washing clothes.

How often do you hang out with your wife because of the distance?
Mr. Latin: When she is around, we go out together and whenever I am with them abroad, she takes me out.

Are the qualities you first noticed in your wife before marriage still intact?
Mr. Latin: The qualities are even more now. She is very supportive of me morally and financially. She takes good care of me and the children.

Is your husband a comedian at home?
Oluronke: Yes, he is very funny at home. He lightens my mood with jokes whenever I am angry.

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How do you handle your husband’s female admirers?
Oluronke: It was hard at first coping with all his female fans but now, it’s not a problem because I understand him completely.

How do you cope with your female admirers?
Mr. Latin: I cope very well with my female fans but I do not go to the extreme. If a female fan admires me, I will appreciate her and that is all. I am happily married with children.

When did you have your first disagreement and over what?
Mr. Latin: The first disagreement was when I told my wife to leave me at a time that I had no money to take care of her. She told me point-blank that marriage should be for better and for worse. This is why I call her my small mummy.

Who apologises first whenever there is a disagreement?
Mr. Latin: Apology comes from either of us. She may be the one to apologise and I may be the one. It is not about who is at fault. We just try to maintain peace and move on.

What do you enjoy most when watching the films he features in?
Oluronke: I enjoy the fact that he is 100 per cent committed to his role and he does the best he can.

What have been the challenges of a distant relationship?
Oluronke: Not getting to see him everyday has been the most challenging but he comes over as much as he can and I appreciate his efforts in that regard.

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What lessons have you learnt from marriage?
Oluronke: Marriage has taught me how to be patient and ensure that things are in order.

Do you allow your wife to watch your romantic scenes?
Mr. Latin: She watches all my movies and she corrects my mistakes and encourages me to do better.

What is the greatest gift your husband has given you?
Oluronke: The greatest gift he has ever given me is a car.

Why do you think most celebrities’ marriages crumble?
Mr. Latin: I do not know about the marriages of other celebrities.

Oluronke: I think it is due to lack of trust and understanding.

What areas would you would want him to work on in your marriage?
Oluronke: There is no area I want him to work on or make adjustment to. Everything is okay.

Did you marry your husband as a comedian?
Oluronke: Yes, I married him as a comedian.

What are the secrets of your marriage?
Mr. Latin: To the glory of God, I thank God that everything is okay. We trust and understand each other and this has largely helped in sustaining our union. We have been married for over 17 years and there was never a time that any of us contemplated leaving each other. We believe in ourselves and operate as a couple, brother and sister and mother and father to our children.

Oluronke: The major secret of our marriage is trust. We trust ourselves.

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