2016 Admission Deadline: Will Schools Comply?

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As announced by JAMB earlier this year, 2016 admission processes are expected to come to an end by November 30th, 2016. Will institutions comply with this deadline? that’s what we will soon find out. We have observed in previous years that schools usually do not comply with these deadlines as many of them still continue releasing admission lists even after the deadline given by JAMB has elapsed. ….

If it were to be in previous years, we would have easily concluded that the deadline will not stand but since we now have a new JAMB Boss, we just can’t say for sure how it will all turn out. For many candidates who have not been offered admission this year, they would wish that the deadline be extended in the hopes that one way or the other they may still be considered for admission. However, JAMB some time last week announced that it has received a go ahead to reduce the cut of marks of institutions that have exhausted their list of candidates with 180 and above but still have not admitted up to their allocated quota. This is to enable such institutions admit more candidates and meet their admission quota. If this is to be implemented, it simply means that such institutions will be given more time to do that and that will possibly mean extension of the deadline.

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But again we cannot really say for sure. So for all candidates yet to be admitted, all hope is totally not lost yet as something favourable may still come up. For those already thinking of purchasing next year’s JAMB form, just hold on. The form is not out yet. We believe JAMB is waiting to get done with this year’s admission processes first before announcing 2017 UTME.

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This will save candidates from purchasing next year’s JAMB form only to find out they have been admitted like it use to be in previous years. What are your thoughts concerning all these? Share with us.

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