Download Video: Super Story Stars And Scars Episode 12

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    Download Video: Super Story Stars And Scars Episode 12

    Eskay spoke to Bobby about Cherise’s refusal to take up a career in music, surprisingly Bobby advised Cherise to go ahead and pursue her dream. Mabel stumbled on the credit alerts on Segun’s phone and advised him to end his involvement in the fraudulent business. On the day of the signing of the major endorsement deal, Bobby accused Cherise of tagging him selfish and the one deterring her from pursuing a solo career. He beat and locked her up, then set off to sign the contract. While Bobby and the officials toasted to the successful sealing of the deal, Cherise walked in and all hell was let loose! She exposed Bobby’s beatings and threw his ring to his face in front of the officials and the people from the press. The news about Bobby and Cherise went viral. Segun, Gbenga and his gang got arrested for fraud. Cherise sought solace in her family. What’s next?
    The next and final episode is a must watch…..Don’t miss it.

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