Unbelievable!!! See What This Lady Was Caught Doing While Reading The Bible (Photo)

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Wonders shall never end; just few hours ago the picture of a young lady went viral on the internet for smoking wedding in public.

Her smoking the weed was not the problem but the major problem was the fact that she was smoking the weed and at the same time, reading the holy bible. The girl was seen wearing a sleeveless top and a bum-short, as she smoked the weed while reading the bible at the same time.

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A lot of people have found this behavior very offensive and disrespectful to God, as they kept passing all sorts of negative comments to her.

Oshey…… Chimney lomo!

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  1. Solex Wisdom Reply

    May GOD Have Mercy On Her Soul.(Amen)
    This Is D Sign Of D End-time,are U Ready For D Rapture?

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