Singer Lami Phillips Shares First Photos of New Born Daughter, Writes Open Letter

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Singer Lami Phillips has released the  photo of her new born daughter with husband  Mr. Gbadamosi on her website.

She released it alongside an open letter.

See below

Dear former tenant,

Happy birthday #sunshine! You are our dawn, our bright light.. And we are simply overjoyed to have you. I can’t stop crying. But as my tears stain this screen, please know this: YOU HAVE THE BEST FATHER GRACE CAN BUY AND THE MOST LOVING AND DEVOTED BIG SISTER IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. As for me, you already know… Our souls have been connected from the day you were conceived in the spirit. You’ve heard everything I’ve said over the last 40 weeks, so you know I’m pretty much a simple yet silly devoted mother who lives to make you and the other babies (your dad, bestie and you) smile. Welcome. Our family is a FUNHOUSE. Our extended family is even way more erm… Shall we say “interesting “.

There is soooo much love to surround you! Everyone can’t wait to meet you including your 96yr old great grandma who is just a G! All I have to give and teach is from God. That is our source in this family. And your beauty reflects that truth while refreshing us with His perfection. I’m still not over the awesomeness of your big sister. I never will be. So get ready for my total uncompromising love as I promise to fall in love with you all over again. Every single day. This is the testimony with #bestie. God bless you #sunshine may you remain light in this dark world. May you always illuminate Gods love and truth. May your light never go dim but instead shine so bright it blinds anything that isn’t Gods will. May your light bring joy ..

Always & Forever, your former Landlord..

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