Please Help! My Step-mother Disvirgined Me, Now I Can’t Do Without Her

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A young man has cried out for help after finding himself in a twisted and crazy relationship with the step-mother whom she is having a s*xual affair with. The story was shared by relationship expert, Cynthia Uju Raphael.


Madam, please what can I do because I am getting carried away. My father is late and my step-mother Is the one training me in the university. My father had serious problem with my mother and they divorced, so he married my step mother.

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Madam honestly she lured me into sleeping with her. It started that one night when she walked into my room, locked the room door and held the key, though she has been making advances but I refused, because I have not had s*x for the first time. Before, I know what is happening she pressed me to wall, and Madam it was all over me.

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Since then, I have been sleeping with her. Cynthia, I have a girlfriend now and this woman can’t watch me be with another girl. She is the one controlling my late fathers company. I seem to be attracted to her too, because she disvirgined me. What should I do? My mother has re-married another man and the man too don’t want to have me around. I am in my third year at the university. I am 27 years, she is 51 years. She has three girls.

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