Must Read: See 5 Things You Must Do As A Successful Students

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Every one craves success. In fact, 99% percent of unsuccessful people actually wish they are or were successful. This is a proven fact. When it comes to scholarship every student wishes to be successful academically, therefore it isn’t rocket science or an eight world wonder to see unsuccessful students envy there successful counterparts.

Success in school goes beyond being academically sound; it has a lot to do with living a balanced life as a student. Not having a dead social life and at the same time maintaining good grades TOO. Not every student is successful, it is believed that one can’t eat his cake and have it, it’s either you are a bookworm or a social freak. That’s a lie, I would share with you here timeless secrets that has kept many successful students successful and living a balanced life…

1) They wake early: this is an open secret; fact is a lot of people know they are supposed to wake early but they don’t. Until they are forced to. Thing is, you can’t be successful if you always sleep in. Successful students know they have an event filled day ahead of them so they wake early. Please, waking early doesn’t mean waking by 6a.m, no, that’s not early. It means waking by 5am or earlier. As a student waking early should be a part of you. Waking early helps you plan your day ahead, it helps you think clearly too and gives you ample time to do some exercises before the day starts.

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2) Write their to do list: a to do list is a list of what one wants to do I a day, week, month etc. successful students know what to do and when to do it, this isn’t so difficult, they have a to do list. The successful student has a time to play with friends and joke around, he knows when to go to the library and study, and he knows when to attend a party and when to read all night. This is because he wakes early and plans his day. He writes his to do list. I can bet you don’t write any. Most students don’t have a planned day; they just wake up, dress up and leave the house. This isn’t the first time you are getting to know about a to do list, but you have always underestimated the power. A to do list should be arranged in order of importance and necessity. Writing a to do list is an important part of a successful students life.

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3) Stick to their plan: this is where discipline plays a role, successful students don’t just sit down, make a list and go throw a party. No, they stick to the list. Even if they have a hundred things to do on that list, they stick to it and fulfill them by order of importance. Some students make this list, put it in their bag and don’t remember it till they are about to sleep. Some even lose it. Successful students have mastered the act of self control, when they make a list they make sure they do what’s in it. Making a list isn’t difficult, sticking to it is. If you want to be successful, learn to stick to your lists.

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4) Prepare for the next day: at the end of the day, successful students prepare for the next day; they wash their clothes, iron them, clean their shoes, and arrange their bags and any other thing they need for the next day. Most students don’t do these; they just wake up and start preparing, this often leads to dirty or haggard clothes. That’s why you see some supposed bookish students come to school with rumpled clothes or odd attires.

5) They don’t discriminate: successful students read what’s necessary and every other thing; they are usually voracious readers who don’t limit themselves to recommended academic texts that are sometimes difficult to understand. A successful student has a wide knowledge base and he can say something about almost everything.

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