‘Most Respected Female Police Officer’ Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Dumped Her

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Dr Sara Gilks, a special constable in New Yorkshire, England, has killed herself.

The woman committed suicide after her boyfriend ended their relationship despite booking a skiing holiday.

Dr Gilks, a distinguished academic, 32, researched suicide methods following her relationship breakdown.

According to The Telegraph, the first class honours graduate, who has been described as one of West Yorkshire Police’s most respected Special Constables after being given a number of commendations, was shattered by the split with her partner, an inquest heard.

Her friend Diane Hirst said: “I received a message from her saying her boyfriend had split up with her and she was ‘proper gutted’. She was very upset.

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“It was clear that she was so shocked by what had happened. He had booked a skiing holiday for them. The next morning, she said she couldn’t stop crying.”

Diane became worried when she did not hear from her friend again and two days later she let herself into her flat in Huddersfield and discovered her friend.

“I was so shocked and upset I couldn’t speak. I never thought she would do such a thing,” she said.

Bradford Coroner’s Court was told Dr Gilks worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Manchester.

She had graduated Huddersfield University with a first in forensic and analytic chemistry in 2009 before gaining a PhD from the University of Manchester.

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But she had a history of depression and her self-confidence evaporated in the aftermath of relationship breakdowns.

One text message she had sent read “he has absolutely destroyed me” while another said “he was so loving towards me and then he does this”.

On the day of her death in March, she had taken a fatal overdose.

Coroner Martin Fleming concluded that she had taken her own life – adding it was clear that the latest break-up had “severely impacted on her”.

He added: “On the same day she appears to have trawled the internet to find ways of ending her life.

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“No-one could have known at that stage that she had very dark thoughts. There was no immediate cause to be worried about her.”

Expressing his sympathy to the family in court, he added: “She had her whole life ahead of her.”

West Yorkshire Police Supt Paul Jeffrey said: “Sara was very highly thought of and won several commendations for her work as a special constable.

“The fact that she was a special constable speaks volumes for her character and her dedication to helping others.

“Colleagues were very distressed to hear of her death and she will be greatly missed.”

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