Liverpool Stake Purchase Not Happening – China Everbright Chief

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The chief executive of China Everbright has said they have not approached Liverpool about purchasing a stake in the club.
Earlier this month the Financial Times reported that Everbright were interested in buying a large stake of the club from owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG).
The report added that FSG had hired investment bank Allen & Co to assist them in discussions over a possible sale.
However, a source close to the club told ESPN in August that FSG and Allen & Co have “a long-term relationship,” with the investment bank providing advice on business and financial issues.
Chen Shuang said at a news briefing on Wednesday that no one within Everbright was aware of a potential deal with the Premier League outfit.
“I really don’t know where the media sources come from,” Chen said. “I called everyone who might be involved and found no one was aware of this deal.”

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Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has been adamant that the club is not for sale, but did admit that FSG are open to the idea of selling a small share.
“We’ve said it before and I’d like to say it again: this club is not for sale,” Werner told the Liverpool Echo. “At the same time we’ve been clear that we actively pursue commercial opportunities which in turn helps us invest in the squad and win football matches.
“These commercial discussions can be complex and we’ve said in the past, under the right conditions and absolutely with the right partner, we could look at some small investment stake in the club.
“But only in the framework of doing what would be in the club’s long-term best interests. I want to reiterate that the club is not for sale.”

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