7 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC Exams Every Year And How To Avoid Them

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Today, we are going to talk about the reasons why most students fail WAEC exams and how to avoid it. But before i proceed, let me explain the meaning of the word “WAEC”. WAEC stands for West African Examinations Council. Now, let’s go straight to the points. The following are the reasons why candidates fail waec exams;

1. Lack Of Reading : Yes!, this is the most common factor why candidates fail both WAEC and NECO examinations. The male students are mostly under this category, they are addicted to it. Most of these students does not even care whether they have exams to write, they are always busy on the social medias mostly on facebook, twitter and whatsapp chatting, sending love messages to their girl friends and boy friends. These type of people finds it very hard to read their books, they are always looking for a place to have fun. If you find yourself under the above category, please change your ways, look back and re-think, make a reading timetable for yourself and make sure you follow it accordingly. Paste your reading timetable in your room so that you would not forget to read. Pray to God let the hunger to read catch you

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2. Shy To Ask Questions In The Class : Some students are too fond of this, they are always ashamed to ask questions in order not to be harrassed by the teacher and some of the students. Sometimes i blame some teachers, when a student ask a reasonable question, the teacher will rudely tell the student to sit down and some of the illiterates in the class will start laughing at the student. When such happens, how would you expect such student and other related students to ask questions. Please teachers, students should be given maximum privilege to ask questions after teaching, you too should also ask them questions based on the topic. The class is like a political gathering whereby people come together to express themselves and achieve an aim. By so doing, i think the shy candidates would not remain dumb to ask questions in the class.

3. Being In A hurry To Write While Not Told To Do So : yes!, this is found in most candidates who think they know it all. Immediately answer sheets and question papers are shared, some students had already started writting without the consent of the supervisor/ supervisors. What if the exam questions were not in the textbooks/notebooks you red? What would you do? Again, what if the supervisor sees you and decided to write exam malpractice for you? What would you do? Before writting any examination, the first thing that shoul come to your mind is prayer, it’s very imporant..

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4. Fear : Another factor is fear, and it’s for those who lacks reading. When looking at any student who falls under this category in the examination hall, he/she looks dumb. Before writting any examination, try your best to remove fear, comport yourself very well and pray to God and He shall see you through,.

5. Ignoring The Instructions On The Question Paper And Answer Sheet : Most students lack the knowledge that instructions on the question paper and answer sheets are being taken serious by the markers. Following and obeying instructions helps increase your marks. Some candidates are very fond of doing what they want with their answer sheets papers. Keep your answer sheets clean. It’s very unfortunate that you would see some candidates writting on the Margin of their answer sheets. According to waec, the instruction says “Do Not Write On Either Margin”, that rule should be respected. The margin is very useful to the markers because it’s the place where marks/scores of such candidate are being alotted.

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NOTE : some markers reduces the marks of any candidate who writes on the margin.

6. Not Submitting Whenever Asked To Do So : All candidates are fond of this, they would be wanting to write everything without even minding whether the supervisor is telling them to submit or not. Some forgot that the supervisor can write against them. Do not forget that whatever the supervisor writes against them would be taken by Waec Board.

7. Centres That Has Bad Record On WAEC list : This is the factor that fails both the intelligent students. This is the situation that causes students to fail no matter what they write. The centre is being regarded as exam malpractice centre.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE, before registering in any waec exam centre, try to make enquiry to know if it’s a blacklisted centre before proceeding to register with them. Summarily, before writting waec exam, read harder, Remove fear, make enquiries, and lastly but not the list, pray to GOD for guidance.

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