PSG’s Lucas Moura Wants Action After Being Hit By Missile At Bastia

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Paris Saint-Germain forward Lucas Moura says Bastia fans cannot go “without punishment” after he was hit by a missile in Friday night’s Ligue 1 meeting.
Lucas was hit before he took a corner in the 68th minute of PSG’s 1-0 opening day win, though Bastia have since accused him of making more of the situation.
“Lamentable, unacceptable what happened today in Bastia and it gets worse every year,” Lucas tweeted. “This gesture cannot go unnoticed and without punishment. That is not football.”
Bastia accepted that action must be taken against the offender, but also claimed that the Brazilian clutched his head when the stick hit him in the back.

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“The intention to do that [hit Lucas] exists, and we as a club will do what it takes to ensure the matter is responsibly handled,” Bastia general secretary Antoine Agostini said. “But his head wasn’t touched. It’s not a question of opinion, but absolute proof.”
Lucas denied he had not been hit in the head after the game.
“You have to watch the video, it hit me,” he said. “It hit me in the head. It’s not normal, but here it is. Every time we come here to play it is like that, these are no conditions to play in.
“We are just here for the three points, and they are here to cause hell.”

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