Omg! Woman Wakes from Sleep Only to Angrily [email protected] Her Husband With Scissors…You Won’t Believe Why

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    A woman has shocked people with her insane act after she angrily stabbed her husband over a rather trivial issue.

    The woman identified as Tracey Lee Giffin has angrily dealt with her husband with scissors just because of a bottle of beer.

    The 45-year-old woman allegedly flew into a rage when she woke up from a nap and discovered her last can in the house was gone.

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    Acording to Trib Live, Gaffin, from the US state of Pennsylvania, reportedly grabbed a pair of scissors and used them to slash at her 59-year-old husband.

    Cops say she also bit him during the alleged attack.

    Trib Live reports that she has now been charged with aggravated assault, assault, reckless endangerment and harassment.

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    Her husband is said to have suffered cuts to his chest, stomach and neck.

    Police also say they found bite marks on his arms and thumb.

    It was also revealed Gaffin has had a previous run-in with the law over an item of food.

    According to KDKA, she and her then-boyfriend got into a fight because she forgot to buy barbecue sauce on her way home on Christmas Eve in 2013.

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    The report says she bit the unnamed man on the nose and hand, and suffered an eye injury herself.

    She is currently being held in Fayette County Jail ahead of a preliminary hearing.


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