Marrying A Second Wife Is Impossible For Me – Sanyeri

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Top actor Olaniyi Afonja popularly known to his fans as Sanyeri has dismissed the possibility of himself marrying a second wife.

Sanyeri who recently revealed he was a shoe repairer before becoming an actor credits his wife for staying with him when he had nothing to show for.

He told Saturday Beats,

“All through the period I was courting my wife, I did not have money. In fact, I was living in a room apartment with three other friends of mine – Adekola Tijani, Adebayo Tijani and Ibrahim Chatta.  Afeez Eniola frequently came to visit us and he would spend the whole day with us. That is why I will forever appreciate my wife and I will never stop celebrating her.
“She was one of the ladies that saw herself as a fine girl yet she decided to stay with a man who had no money and no good looks. If a woman stays with a man, it is either because he is rich or he is fine. I didn’t possess any of those qualities yet my wife decided to stick with me. It is not as if I was very good with words or I had a name to brag about. She stayed with me with the belief that one day, I would become someone in life.

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“It’s because of her that I believe that some women have foresight. She had probably seen that my future would be bright; we began dating in 2004 and got married in 2010. That is why it is impossible for me to have a second wife. How can it be possible for me to get a second wife after all my wife has been through with me? She has faced so many struggles with me, so I cannot decide to marry another wife now that things are rosy for us. It is impossible.”

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Sanyeri also revealed he met his wife for the first time at the National Theater.

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