Ladies, Come And Learn! These are 9 Makeup Secrets Every Woman Should Know

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If you have been having issues with your makeup in recent times, these are great tips to guide you do the right thing.

We all put on makeup (at least some of the time), but is your technique yielding the best possible results?

Here, Kimberly Soane, the director of artistry at Bobbi Brown, offers up some simple pointers to make sure we’re using everything from concealer to bronzer to mascara right.

1. Avoid putting concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base as it will smear your eye makeup. If you want sheer coverage, use your fingers to apply foundation. If you want polished, medium or full coverage, make use of a brush.

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2. Always apply powder in the areas that are your shiniest first, which is mostly your T-zone; that is, the across your forehead and down the middle of your eyes, through your nose to your mouth. Apply a light dust of the powder everywhere else.

3. In order to even out your skin tone, it is advisable that you apply bronzer on your neck, face and chest. However, be observant to know when every area is the same colour.

4. It is recommended that you smile first when applying blush, then start on the round of your cheeks. Blend the blush back towards the top of your ear, then down towards your jawline.

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5. Make sure that you always apply brow pencil or powder to the upper part of the eyebrow. This would lift your face up.

6. It is advisable that you ensure that your lipstick is not too defines at the top of your lips. Also ensure that it all goes out to the inner corners. Press down when you apply.

7. When applying eye shadow, start with a base shadow without any shimmer that would match the lightest skin tone. Apply all over your lid, down to the brow. Use this base shadow so as to make sure the darker shadows used on your lid up to the crease are well blended.

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8. Putting the eyeliner can be a little bit tricky. It is vital that you get as close to the mirror as possible instead of looking straight ahead at the mirror. Start at the inner corner and make sure you go out all the way to the fold that is on the outside of the eye. It would be much easier if you look down while applying.

9 While applying mascara, most women do a quick soft motion. However, jamming the wand at the root of your lashes and doing a bit zigzag while you go up would prove more effective.

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