5 Year Old Girl Sent Out By Her Stepmother To Hawk Found Wandering In The Rain In Bayelsa

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This 5 year old girl who lives with her stepmother was found wandering on the streets of Yenagoa, Bayelsa state on Tuesday August 2nd.

Facebook user, Pre-gee Binaibi shared the photos and wrote

“On my way back from my sister’s place, I passed by the market. It was raining seriously, so much that I was seriously feeling feverish. It was 15minuits past seven and I was rushing home.

On my way a man stopped the taxi i was in and begged the driver to help take a little girl who has been under the rain selling groundnuts. She was shivering seriously and couldn’t walk.

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She almost fainted so the people around had to put her in a taxi cos she was walking home under the very heavy rain. Fortunately she was going my way so i offered to drop her at the junction were she lives.

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Getting there, it was still raining cats and dogs so i took her under a shelf away from the rain. I was curious to know why a parent will expose their child to such.

I asked her some questions and she said she was 5years, left the house for the market in the morning to sell.

I asked her what she ate and she said she drank just garri in the morning. Where is your mum i asked,and she said her mum was home doing nothing.

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How can parents be so irresponsible? This is child abuse. Exposing this little girl to such.

I got her something to eat,and then took her home. Only to discover that she was actually staying with her father’s wife. ‪#‎live‬ happening here in yenagoa this evening.# ‪#‎may‬ God help our little children!

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