5 Annoying Things Nigerians Do On Facebook

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    According to the statistics released by Facebook, Nigerians use are one of the largest users of Facebook in Africa.
    With Facebook users covering a large expanse of age groups, it is only expected that there are a few ways the social networking site is abused. We came up with a list of the most annoying things we’ve witnessed on Facebook from Nigerians.

    1. The Pokers

    It comes off as quite cute at first instance because it’s a kind of poke war but then it becomes overbearing after three pokes and probably there’s no action to the pokes. Some even go the extra mile to start the cycle even after you’ve deliberately decided not to respond to them again.

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    2. The Taggers

    The taggers are one of the most annoying sects on Facebook. They tag you in pictures you don’t appear in, make statuses and add your name to it and just mess your entire Facebook profile with information that doesn’t have to deal directly with you.

    3. The Group People

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    This one hurts me so much. You know those friends who add you to Facebook groups that you don’t want to be in and then these groups make annoying comments and posts and disturb your notifications.

    4. Game Requests People

    When they’re not inviting you to play Candy Crush, they’re inviting you to play Criminal Case or some game they just discovered. Annoying really. Keep your damn games to yourselves.

    5. Vague status updates and Relationship statuses

    When we say vague status updates, we make reference to those people who know clearly they don’t want to discuss something but give teasers and sneak peeks for other people to ask questions like “What’s wrong” and all? If you’re not going to post what happened, don’t fish for attention. The relationship people are the ones that move from in a relationship today to single tomorrow and complicated next day and probably when they’ve resolved the problem with their boyfriends/girlfriend, they’re back to being in a relationship.


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