Stop Murmuring And Accept Change – Bishop Wilson Eliamiaga

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The General Overseer of Holy Family Prayer Ministry, Bishop Wilson Eliamiaga, did a recent interview with Sunday Telegraph in Lagos and he said the following

“Everybody is shouting Nigeria is bad; there is a price to be paid for freedom. Every nation that succeeded paid a price. What is happening is happening because we need a change.

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A lot of things have gone wrong. We are all extravagant such that a person who is used to eating many pieces of meat in one single meal does not want to adjust even in these hard times; so he or she complains. We need to adjust to change. In Britain a man who wants to take a wife can just invite one or two guests. .

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But here, we want to overdo things. We kill cows, buy clothes, sew aso ebi etc. Buhari has done well to start the change; but Nigerians are complaining that he does not want to listen to their complaints. It is important to note that Nigerians should sew their coats according to their clothes.”

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