Reminisce FIRES Warning Shots At Haters In Music Industry

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Rapper, Remilekun Safari, popularly known as Reminisce, has fired warning shots at haters bad-mouthing his music.

According to him, he never had issues with anybody, so why people would grumble about his kind of music is a wonder.

“The song comes out and people begin to feel uncomfortable. I am like what’s your problem, if you feel uncomfortable, like they say, ‘this is hip-pop’, go in and record,” he said.

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“What really pissed me off was that the people that were unhappy did not actually speak out, they were using people as their mouth piece, using influencers and the so called hip-pop journalists to speak and I answered a few of them and said let their grieve speak for themselves, are they scared of me? Come out and tweet it yourself let me hear you and everybody kept quiet, they were just grumbling underground, if you can’t speak out then you don’t have a problem.

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“My point is that if you feel you have issues or problem, come out, I had issues with vector, we came out through our music and we settled, we best of friends, we do music together almost every time, that’s a real man right there.

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“If you feel uncomfortable, go out and do your own song instead of grumbling, I don’t owe you any apology or explanation. Nobody brought me into this industry, if you feel your name is on the track, your name is local rapper, well do a song, but just make sure you blow, because if you no blow, na waste of time.”

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