Is Departmental Cut-off Marks A Factor In Admission Posting For 2016?

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As Jamb has commenced the posting of candidates to schools (which can be termed provisional admissions), any curious mind will not help but wonder the criteria used for these postings.
Yes! It’s obvious that the schools you selected as your
choices during JAMB registration is part of the criteria.
However, in previous years, there’s what is called
departmental cut-off marks for schools.

Each school has its own cut-off mark for a particular course
or department depending on the competitiveness of such
course/department. For instance, you can’t expect the cut
off mark for Microbiology to be the same with that of
Medicine and Surgery in a school like UNIBEN or expect a
course like Petroleum Engineering to be 180 ordinarily.

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The question now is, does JAMB put this factor into
consideration in posting candidates to the different schools?
If yes is the answer, it means each of the tertiary
institutions has to send departmental cut-off marks to
JAMB which JAMB is to use to determine the candidates
that qualify for a particular course in a given institution.

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If that is the case, there’s tendency that JAMB will not post
candidates who do not meet the required cut-off marks to
study their selected courses in their choice institutions but
rather may push them to other related courses/departments
that can accommodate their scores in such institution.
Another questions is, what happens if there are no other
related courses/departments in such institution that can
accommodate such candidate? I think your guess is as
good as mine.

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This may also be the reason why many candidates are yet
to see their admission postings since it will apparently take
additional time to plan the redistribution of candidates, who
do not meet the departmental cut-off marks to study their
choice courses to other related courses/departments.
I was just thinking this aloud and decided to put it in writing
to know your views. So, what do you think?

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