If You Voted Buhari, Don’t Complain About Hardship – OPC Founder Fredrick Fasehun Says

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The founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Dr Fredrick Fasehun has called on those who voted President Buhari into office not to complain about the hardship in the country.
The OPC leader also said Buhari has not met any of his expectations at all.
Speaking to Daily Sun, Fasehun said they should ask God to help the President rather than complain.
He said “Nigerians voted for Buhari. They voted for change. The hard¬ship and suffering they are going through now is part of that change. They should not be complaining.
“Instead of complaining, they should be praying for Buhari. Ni¬gerians should pray for him, and for Buhari himself Nigerians were cheering him initially but now they are getting despondent. Buhari should not wait until Nigerians start jeering at him as a result of failed promises.”
Frederick Fasehun also said Buhari’s current cabinet is an insult to Nigerian experts at home and abroad.

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