6 Steps To Get Over The Past And Find Love Again

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After a divorce or relationship breakup, it’s not only important to bounce back from your heartbreak; it’s equally important to move forward, which means putting the past behind you and releasing harmful patterns and negative feelings so you can allow yourself to start fresh. Here are six key tips to put (and keep) this in motion:

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1. Don’t compare future relationships to past loves. Avoid setting and holding expectations for one person based on what you remember about another.

2. Try not to spend all your time and effort attempting to replicate exactly what you had before. Everything and everyone is different — no two relationships will ever be the same.

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3. Remember the past for what it was — separate the thrill of love from what actually happened that caused the relationship to end.

4. Don’t be afraid that you’ll never love again — which can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You must be willing to let love in again and not shy away from it out of fear.

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5. Don’t wallow in self-pity. It’s simply not attractive to the world, and you never know when your next love may be watching.

6. Take notice of patterns: Examine qualities about yourself, your past partners, and the dynamics of your relationships so that you can prevent repeat mistakes in the choices you make.

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