4 Ways To get an Undergraduate Scholarship in Nigeria

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Undergraduate scholarships have been a wonderful tool to
help students, who would not
otherwise have found it easy to complete their university
education, due to financial
constraints. The first step for most is to apply and hope
they get the scholarships. Yet,
many have tried to get without success, why is this the
case? And how can can you
guarantee your own success?

1. Begin Early
Most students do not know about the undergraduate
scholarships until they are in their second or even third
year of school, by which time they have already lost
out on scholarships they could have been getting since
their first year, and they may not have the CGPA to
apply. So how can you fight this? Start immediately
you gain admission,

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2. Maintain Good Grades
Most scholarships require that you maintain a good grade
of at least 3.0 or higher. So
you have to study hard from your first year of school. This
conditional scholarships also
help you to stay focused and keep getting good grades till
you graduate. Find out some
tips to help you do that here.

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3. Apply Early
Most students leave application until it is too late. Most
scholarships have wide publicity,
with millions applying yearly. So if you apply early, the
chances that you will qualify is
higher. So once you get the scholarship alerts, rush down to
a cafe, or if you are in
FUTO, to Excel’s Place to register and apply.

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4. Follow -up
Do you register for scholarships and then go to sleep? No.
Keep checking this website
regularly and stay alert to the scholarship alerts for more
updates, to keep you informed
about the selection process or any examinations that will be

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