3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Call Her (For Guys Only)

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In Nigeria for example, a guy will feel better if he got her number that first day but most of them get confused and sometimes worried on when to call her up! Do you call few hours later, the next day or weeks after? Although it’s perfect to go after her because you were the one who showed interest, maybe you should press the chill button and here are three reasons why

1.) She said she wasn’t interested
Approaching a girl because you like her is different when she NEVER showed any interest back. Most of the time, it’s true that a woman’s yes can actually mean no but for a real G, you got to know when she’s damn serious about that “no”.  So, even though you pushed her to give you her number, do yourself a favour and don’t call as fast as you thought you should. Better still, try to see her again… maybe in a different situation or place.

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2.) Protect your ego
Every man has ego issues. Every guy loves to keep his pride intact. So instead of trying to get yourself embarrassed on the phone, please halt! Save your little pride, think and then know and be sure when to strike. Don’t be foolish to ASSUME she’ll be nice at the other end of that phone call.

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3.) Find out if she feels the same
If a  girl likes you for real, she wouldn’t hold back on the first time you meet her.  She will be all smiling, giggly and would probably want to spend the rest of her day with you. But if she didn’t do all these – didn’t even give you a smile back – be careful! Try by sending her an SMS with your name and where you guys met. If she doesn’t reply that day or ever, try another text, if she still doesn’t text back, please drop it! She’s not interested!

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