2 Million Nigerians Are Infected with Hepatitis B & C

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World Hepatitis Day (Thursday), with the theme, “Hepatitis Elimination”. Dr. David Olusegun Said hepatitis, including A, B, and C, were distinct diseases that usually affect the liver and manifest different symptoms and treatments and he also stated that 500 million people around the world were currently infected with chronic hepatitis B and C, adding that one in three persons was exposed to one of hepatitis B or C or both.

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“Every two minutes, someone dies of hepatitis. More than 95 per cent of the carriers of these diseases are not aware of it.

Worldwide, there is an estimated 450 million persistent carriers of hepatitis B, 50 million of which are in Africa.

10 per cent of these carriers will develop chronic hepatitis illnesses such as liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

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Viral hepatitis is very infectious, although hepatitis A is usually not life threatening like B and C, which cause serious infections and result into liver damage.

In an infected person, the virus is found in all the body fluid like blood, seminal fluid, virginal secretion and other body fluid,” he said.

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Kaduna State Governor Nasiru El rufai said that hepatitis was a disease that had been neglected and as a result millions had died. He also Added Further that “The virus kills and this is tragic; it kills faster than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. We should not be silent; action must be taken to stop the killer disease,”

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