Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology students stageda peaceful Protest

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The students of Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology, Port Harcourt are currently performing a peaceful protest in front of their school gate today June 9, 2016.
This Pulse Eyewitness report was sent in by Prince Chibuike Williams.
The protesting students closed the entrance to the gate, the single point of entry and exit into the school premises.
Their complaint is that the Provost,Mr. Nnamdi Amadihas increased their hostel fee from 5,000 to 20,000. This hostel, according to reports from the students is dilapidated. According to the students, the hostels are in bad shape and the toilets and bathrooms are leaking.
However, they do not have enough hostels to accommodate the population of the students. Most of the students sleep in empty classrooms and open places.
Last Sunday, June 5, 2016, a student who is a victim of no hostel space was rushed to the hospital with illness suspected to be acute cold because she slept in the classroom.
To add to their woes, they have not been provided electricity in the past six months, the students said that the last time they saw light was when theCommissioner of Healthvisited their school.
You may think that they don’t have enough reasons to protest but then, the unavailability of water is another reason the students think they have had enough of the penury. They don’t have water supplied to their hostels.
Students cross to the neighboring compounds and boreholes to fetch water, imagine the pains they would feel when they carry such heavy gallons and buckets, cross over to the other side of the community to get water.
They are pleading and calling on those in charge and the government to see to their welfare.
Police men from the nearby stations are on standby to keep watch of the protest and make sure it doesn’t go out of hand.

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