Meet Beautiful, Old And Single Nigerian Celebrities (Photos)

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These women are beautiful and comfortable. They are celebrated. But, Why are they not married despite their beauty, class, fame, connections?

1. Bimbo Akintola

46 year old Busty actress, Bimbo is beautiful. But she said she doesn’t need a husband. One wonders why a beautiful woman like her, despite her beauty, talent and endowments would choose to be single for life.

2 Lilian Bach

This lady is stunning. Very beautiful half caste actress. She is endowed too. Lilian made name for her self as Delta soap model before she veered into acting. Then as a Delta soap model, people were always looking out to see her beautiful face. It’s shocking that despite menopause calling, one is yet to hear the wedding bells. NewsEveryHour prays Lilian finds her man soon.

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3 Rita Dominic

Stunning and petite Rita Dominic will clock 41 by July. One wonders why the talented actress is yet to hook a man that will take her to the alter. NewsEveryHour prays Rita gets her man before menopause finally comes calling.

4 Franca Brown

The Veteran actress should have clocked 50 or above by now. She has never been married. But in one of her interviews 2 years ago, the Jezebel star actress said if a man comes her way, she would get married.

5 Benita Nzeribe

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The “Beyond Our Dream” TV soap star actress is aging but has not been able to get a man that would take her to the alter. We pray she finds that man soon wherever he is.

6 Weird MC

Born on July 9, 1970, the $exuality of this one time Nigerian Number one female rapper has been as difficult to figure out (no thanks to unfavourable media allegations) , as it is the reason for her single life. The worrisome aspect is that hardly have we read about the 45 year old singer being linked to any man before. We sincerely pray that she soon finds a man to be cooking for just as she does herself in her photo below. Amen!

Notable mentions: though not as bad as the ones listed above: Empress Njamah, Ebube Nwagbo, Nkiru Sylvanus, Agbani Darego, Munachi Abii.

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