How To Use Airtel Cheap June 2016 2GB And 6GB 2g Network Data Plan On 3G Network

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    Airtel telecommunications network recently launched two new data plans for 2016,2GB and 4GB at cheapest price which can be used only on 2G network, The plans are so damm cheap that you can get 2gb for just 200 naira and 4gb for just 500…that is pretty cool ryt?

    But the problem associated with the data plan is that it can only be used with 2G network, and that makes people not that excited and happy with it.

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    Today from the desk of we now find a way to optimize and use this data plan with 3G network. just follow me as i explain the steps below…

    How To Make The New Cheap Airtel Data Plan 2016 To Work On 3G

    ==>Your android phone must be rooted,learn how to root any android device Click here

    ==>Download Script Manager

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    ==>Download turbo changer script 2G/3G

    ==>Download the above apps and keep them safe before you start

    ==>Now start the 3G/4G optimiser,choose network speed as 12/28/7 (set to max)

    ==>Select down speed increase

    ==>Apply the changes made above.
    ==>Restart the device once you save the changes

    ==>Now open the script manager,browse the file which you downloaded…ie 3G turbo script text file changer

    ==>Now grant the super user access permission(grant permission) or else you can click on the super user icon,grant permission and run the script.
    Scroll up and set the settings to fastest to get the maximum data speed .

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    ==>Now reboot your device finally

    ==>Switch to WCDMA mode on settings (network)

    1-Your phone must be rooted for this to work
    2-Reboot where ever it is required.
    And finally you can enjoy the 3G speed on our 2gb data…


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