His Death Wasn’t Really Dramatic- OJB’s First Wife Reveals

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OJB Jezreel’s first wife, Mabel Babatunde Okungbowa also known as Mama J talked about the singer’s last moments and more in a recent interview with NET.

She narrates OJB’s last moments saying, “It wasn’t really dramatic, it was just the normal signs we see when he’s about going for his dialysis but this time he was in a lot of pains and I was by his side all through.”

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Mabel also revealed his passing was sudden and unexpected. “This is all so sudden because we were still speaking about plans for his 50th birthday over the weekend.”

On how she feels about donating her kidney to OJB three years ago, she replied saying, “I don’t regret it, I did it because I wanted to. I wasn’t forced to do it. After all he’s my husband, so I don’t regret it”

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