Hilarious! See What This Customer Did Begging GLO To Sign Her As Brand Ambassador

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Nigeria’s popular network provider, Globacom, has been called upon in an Instagram post made by one of their customers, Kehinde Rhoda Akinrinmade, who says she wants to be signed as an ambassador for the brand.
Kehinde, who is on Instagram as kennyrhoda2, posted the image two days ago, Wednesday, June 1, urging the company to grant her an endorsement deal as a reward for her loyalty, as she has never received “any better thing” from them despite having recharged several times.
“My Love for Glo network no be today oh, but I never receive any better thing from Glo…

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“All [these] recharge cards are mine, everything loaded on my phone . [Please] people help me push it till it [gets] to Glo, I want endorsement ooooh”

She then proceeded to tag some media houses and personalities, obviously to make the post go as far as possible, and eventually reach the right quarters.

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The image has now started to gain awareness on social media, as it is being shared repeatedly. Fingers are crossed as regards what would be the outcome of this plea.

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Who knows, we might just be about to discover the new Jumoke Orisaguna.

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