5 Most Necessary Car Accessories

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Buying a car is already not enough to be happy. In order to enjoy driving your own car, you should supply it with the appropriate accessories, which we are going to get acquainted with today.


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GSM Signaling


If you are afraid of your car being stolen, you certainly should acquire a GSM Signaling. One can only delighted with the satellite signaling capabilities. When there are any attempts to penetrate into the car, the signaling system, it sends messages to the cell phone about the penetration to the car’s owner providing with the opportunity to listen to everything that’s going on inside the automobile. In some cases, you may even see what thieves are busy with.

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On-Board Computer


As considered by the majority of motoring fans, the on-board computer is an irreplaceable aid for the driver. It can inform its owner that there is an improperly closed door, carry out the diagnosis of the car, point out on some defects and even control the petrol quality. Besides, most of the on-board computers are capable of recording voice warnings on different life situations. But the most important dignity of the on-board computer is that its installation is possible in every car. Just go on Jiji and select the computer that is to your liking the most.

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Alcohol-Screening Device


In some areas there are severe measures of punishment applied on the drunk drivers. That’s why it has become very popular to have your own alcohol-screening device in your car. The benefits of such devices are that they are quite small, serve for long years, and are very precise.


Back-Eye Camera


It has also become popular recently to install a back-eye camera. It is explained by very intensive movements on the roads, so it is extremely easy for a driver to get into a car accident. The back-eye camera is able to improve the overview when moving backwards and will make the surrounding pedestrians safer. Besides, in the nighttime the back-eye camera will let the driver better find the orientation on the road.

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Mobile Fridge


The mobile fridge has appeared relatively not so long ago, but has already acquired a lot of popularity. This mini-version of a refrigerator lets its owner keep the drinks cold and sandwiches fresh. It doesn’t require much energy and can work several hours in a row. Besides, it is not big in its sze and doesn’t require any special attention.


Of course, there are other interesting car accessories that you can get acquainted with on Jiji, but these five are considered to be the most useful and in some cases necessary ones.




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