5 signs your woman needs more attention from you

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Many men often complain about not understanding their wives and their inability to make them happy. One reason for this is that these women need a certain amount of attention from their husbands but these men miss the signs.

For every man thinking of how to please his wife, the truth is if you want to have a happy home, you should learn how to please your wife and she’ll reciprocate.

Inspired by Lifehack, here are 5 signs your wife needs more attention from you

1. She constantly says she misses you
It’s okay for your wife to say ‘I miss you’, but when it becomes regular it means there’s something she’s trying to say. She’s not trying to get in the way of your freedom but she trying to say she’ll love to have you around more often.
2. She guilt-trips you anytime you do things on your own
If she guilt-trips you all the time about the things you do, there’s a high chance she’s feeling left out of your activities and wants to be more involved. She definitely wants to spend one-on-one time with you because she loves being with you.

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3. She makes you feel like you aren’t making her a priority in your life
You are a couple which means you should be each other’s priority. Your wife will definitely know if you make her a second option in your life. Learn to make decisions with her, keep her informed and you’ll realize your life is easier.
4. She picks on things that aren’t very important
Yes, she watches every move you make and becomes really suspicious when you fail to give her the attention she needs. She’ll find a way for you to give it to her in ways that may not make sense to you. It means she still cares, you should be worried if she stops picking on the irrelevant things.

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5.  She tries to start a fight for no reason
You may think she likes to nag or start an argument for no reason but there could be a deeper meaning, she’s lacking attention , ignoring her would make everything worse than it already is. You should actually listen to your wife and you’ll discover that all she wants is your undivided attention.

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