Not Yet Codedwap Whatsapp Group member? Join Now

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It’s very nice we mingle as a family I know it’s not
everything we might be able to address here but there is always a platform to connect.

So I have officially created a
whatsapp group for CW since the demand is
pretty much so if you want to be part of the group.

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Those that are already members of CW whatsapp
group and BBM channel always get the latest info and also gets the opportunity to chat with other CW lovers.

Kindly use the comment box to drop your phone number
and name and we will add you up.

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Welcome on board this flight.
Ping with this pin

Don’t forget to drop your number and name in the
comment box..

If you can’t comment with opera, use another like UCWeb please.

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Don’t dull yourself please. Don’t forget
Time waits for no man !


  1. Name :Olabanji 08074551280. Will like to be invited into the Whatsapp group

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