STORY: My life as a Kid (Part 1)

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My life as a Kid (Part 1)

Once upon a time in the land of Humans Beneath planet Earth,Far from the Sun Kilometers from the Cloud.
I am the last son of my family(baby of the house)
My mom is a woman,lol,she has along hair and my father’s wife,lol.
I am james Gbeborun(that’s my fathers name and not yours),We lived in a very big compound containing 62 flats(known as estates)
Growing up looks tiring with anticipation but it was fun. My friends were John,Rita,Tina,Ronke, just to mention a few. I remembered when we do play outside in the rain all Nakked with the female kids around.
Mum would screen “James! James!! James!!!,will you come inside before I come there?(Lol,you know what she means if you are from  African Family).She would just come out dragging my left ears to the house and would whisper to me “you won’t kill me because I didn’t kill my mother ooo”.
        When I was 7years old,my mom came home with a led shoe(bata onii na).I wore the shoe round the neighbor hood and most times wash the shoe 8times a day just to keep balling.I will go to bed with the shoe and sleeps with it just to have a sound sleep.It goes on for two more week and after then the shoe got missing and I have to keep wearing my old slippers.
               Most times,mom would buy me pants on her way home from market. I remember vividly well,the [email protected] is called “Play Boy” and whenever I put on the [email protected],I would raise my shirts up just to let other kids know I bought a new [email protected] and to be the boss for that period.
             The girls began to stop mingling with us and would be indoors and when they see us playing they will just whisper to themselves “they are still kids,I wonder when they will grow up”.The exciting part was when Tina started going to a tutorial far from the neighborhood and that’s when PRIDE  “known as “igberaga” in yoruba) started. She would speak all the grammars she was thought during her lecture just to say “do not touch me”.We thought going to tutorial makes you wise and bigger than others,so I went to one located in the fifth town to mine in order to have a greater wisdom.
             We were all discussing about the previous days lectures when Tina started vomiting,at first we thought it was Malaria but to my surprise her mum screamed “Chineke,hope this pikin never get belle,I don tell her all this boys wey dey call her for phone na just pickin dem be and to destroy her life,naso my pikin go just tell me say “mummy,you won’t understand”,chineke,nawetin I put myself so. Tina was rushed to the clinic with the help of my mum for medication…….
                             Stay close and get ready to listen to tina’s result from the hospital.
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#Amebo Man

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