See List Of Countries President Buhari Has Visited so far (chart)

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Many Nigerians will question why President Muhammadu Buhari has traveled to China as he just came back from the United States of America few days ago.

During Buhari’s last trip Ayo Fayose, the governor of the Ekiti state, has even claimed that the president is visiting conferences he doesn’t understand.

However, the presidency justified the trips, saying they were necessary to bring the country back on the track of development and growth.

Findings show that President Buhari has since his inauguration in May last year visited 22 countries, some of them even for several times.

Buhari has attended South Africa for African Union Summit, G-7 meeting in Germany, UN General Assembly in USA, Climate Change Summit in France, GECF Summit in Iran, Commonwealth Summit in Malta and India-African Forum.

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The president has spent a one week-long vacation in London UK in February, while Yemi Osinbajo, his vice was presiding over country’s affairs.

President Buhari attends India-Africa Forum Summit

See full list of countries below:

1. Niger Republic (June 2015)

2. Chad (June 2015)

3. Germany (June 2015)

4. South Africa (June 2015, December 2015)

5. USA (July, September 2015, March 2016)

6. Cameroon (July 2015)

7. Benin Republic (August, December 2015, January 2016)

8. France (September 2015, February 2016)

9. Ghana (September 2015)

10. India (October 2015)

11. Sudan (October 2015)

12. Iran (November 2015)

13. Malta (November 2015)

14. UAE (January 2016)

15. Kenya (January 2016)

16. Ethiopia (January 2016)

17. United Kingdom (February 2016)

18. Egypt (February 2016)

19. Saudi Arabia (February 2016)

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20. Qatar (February 2016)

21. Equatorial Guinea

22. China

President Buhari with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany

Nigerian leader is currently in China and is expected back in the country during the next weekend.

By the time the President Buhari returns Nigeria, he would have spent a total of 249 hours on air during all his trips.

Femi Adesina, Buhari’s spokesman clarifying the reason for the visit to China, said the trip aims at securing greater support from Beijing for the development of Nigeria’s infrastructure such as power, roads, railways, aviation, water supply and housing.

President Buhari with Minister of Agriculture Me Audu Ogbeh, Director General UN Offices in Nairobi Mrs Sahle Work Zewde in Kenya

Indeed, the infrastructure is very important, but there so many challenges that need immediate intervention of the citizen number one.

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Buhari’s trip is an indication that the budget may not be signed this week except in the unlikely event that he signs it outside the country.

Fuel scarcity is gradually easing off in Abuja and parts of the Lagos as several filling stations at the weekend were dispensing the product. However, others part of the country are still queuing for fuel for many hours.

Another ‘big date’ Nigerians will mark while their president to be out of the country – two years since the abduction of the Chibok girls.

Though President Buhari has directed an investigation into the kidnapping of missing girls, they are still in the custody of the Boko Haram insurgents.

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