Cynthia Morgan Shares Her Thoughts On Fulani Herdsmen And Incessant Killings.. Do You Agree With Her?

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Cynthia Morgan took to her Instagram page to share her thoughts about the incessant killings of innocent people on their farmland and their homes by Fulani herdsmen.

The dancehall singer share some photos and let out her thoughts with the captions, below are two of her captions, kindly let us know what you think about these by leaving a comment below.

Growing up…herdsmen let you play with deir cattles and even assure you to touch them that they don’t bite…and then when you frightened…still them help you chase their cattles away from you with their sticks…can we have all our fun loving memories back on how to love our neighbours as thyself??what happened?now omo my brothers and sisters if you see only cattle sef without the herdman…run for your life oo.dont even argue o.i beg you oo…I repeat run oo..I NEED all my fans and your families intact.Thankyou
For what na?what did this man do to deserve this?can we do this in their town or settlement???letting things just slide until it gets too critical…dats whatz killing this society….am calling on the Edo-state government to get rid of every fucking herdsmen in Edo-state and in the south sef before it turns to WAR.we don’t need your fucking cattles.haba…cattles for our lives???I say phuck no…Minister for agriculture pls rare us some cattles…we don’t need HERDSMEN.PHUCK SAKE…NO FUEL,NO LIGHT,NO WATER…HERDSMEN GO COME STILL DEY KILL PERSON JOIN??? I DON’T UNDERSTAND…AFTER EVERY STRESS AND HUSTLE YOU ARE DESTINED TO FACE JUST FOR BEIGN A NIGERIAN..STILL OUR SAFETY IS 0 PERCENT…GOD WE CALL ON YOU OOO.HELP US…heard they killed hundreds in Benue etc…you cannot just be killing people.we are humans like you.we are not animals…love us like you love yourselves.is it that hard to love your neighbour as yourself?Can you just Be-he.ad yourself?Why Evil?NOTE:IF AN EDO MAN KILLS AN HERDMAN FOR NO JUST REASON.I WILL REACT THIS SAME WAY…I WILL NEVER STAND FOR ANY STUPID TRIBALISM.HUMANS ARE HUMANS.STOP TRIBALISM…CAN WE ALL JUST BE ONE TRIBE???SO UNA GO REST.GODBLESS

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