Beyonce Makes Reference to Tragic Miscarriage on ‘Lemonade’

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Beyonce decided to talk about her miscarriage on her new album titled ‘Lemonade’.

Beyonce talked about the child she lost before Blue Ivy.

Bey said, “So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life whose heart I broke without a gun to my head.

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“Here lies the mother of my children both living and dead. Rest in peace my true love, who I took for granted.”

She also revealed she gave birth via C section, “The nail technician pushes my cuticles back, turns my hand over, stretches the skin on my palm and says: ‘I see your daughters and their daughters’.

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“That night in a dream, the first born emerges from a slit in my stomach. The scar heals into a smile. The man I love pulls the stitches out with his fingernails.

“We leave black sutures curling on the side of the bath. I wake, as the second girl crawls head first up my throat. A flower … Blossoming. Out of the hole in my face.”

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Jay Z also rapped about the miscarriage on the track titled ‘Glory’.

Jay rapped, “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic / We was afraid you’d disappear / But nah baby you magic.”

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