Twins Who Share A Boyfriend Vow To Get Pregnant At The Same Time

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Identical twins who share everything including a bed and their boyfriend, have vowed they will try and fall pregnant together as well.
Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 30, from Perth, have spent nearly $250,000 on cosmetic enhancements to look more alike – including lip fillers, B.reast implants, and fake eyebrows and eyelashes.
The pair have both been dating electrical mechanic Ben Byrne, 32, for four years and have claimed they must have children together as their ‘bodies need to be the same,’ reported.
‘If she walks a few metres, I need to walk a few metres because we have to burn the same calories,’ Lucy said Our diet is identical. Our food has to be identical. The same glass of water we measure. The same size of chip packets we have to measure.’

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