Shine Your Eyes!!! See How To Avoid Falling For Fraudsters Who Claim To Be Bankers… Lol

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419 People are still out to trick unsuspecting people to give up very sensitive information and Here’s how they do it.
1. They send you the message pictured above.
2. You call & a 419/thief who speaks really good English picks up and begins to talk to you and explain why you got the message.
3. The person lies about a non existing system upgrade and about how it affected your ATM. (Which is impossible).
4. Asks if you’ve done your BVN.
5. The crook then asks for the name of bank you use. (Isn’t he/she supposed to be an employee of the bank? Why would you ask for the name of the bank you’re working in? – Lmao) .
5. He/She then asks when Last you used your ATM and how much you withdrew from your account? (Trying to figure out if you’re wealthy or nah)
6. He/She proceeds to tell you that they’ll activate your ATM back but they’ll need your personal information. (Ahan… Na so people dey fall mugu for this? Side eye!)
7. He/She then proceeds to ask for the kind of card you use (MasterCard, Visa, etc)
8. And Finally asks for the serial number of the card. ( Really? Lmao)
From hereon, there are two things involved. You either fall for the rubbish and they’ll transfer every single Kobo in your account while you’re getting alerts or You Insult the person and abuse his future generations. Lol.

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NOTE!No Bank would ever call you to request for such through a phone call, email or text.Do NOT fall for these people.

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