Of Tyrants, Martyrs, And Heroes (Part 2) – Femi Fani-Kayode Writes

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It is with the foregoing in mind that we must examine and critically analyse the performance of the Buhari administration. I have nothing personally against President Muhammadu Buhari and, as he knows, I have the utmost respect for his office.

Yet, like Oliver Cromwell and Sir Thomas More, despite the sign of the times and the hazards and perils of standing against injustice and tyranny, we must rid ourselves of our fears and speak the bitter truth. And that truth is as follows.

The more our government persecutes its perceived enemies, the more they are sowing the seeds of disintegration in our country. The more they oppress and attempt to intimidate those they seek to silence and subjugate, the more they engender anger, rebellion, alienation, enmity and division.

Nobody wishes to be part of a country in which apartheid, genocide, ethnic cleansing, islamisation, state-sponsored terror, religious bigotry and the selective application of justice is alive and well. Nobody wishes to be part of a contraption which seeks to empower and strengthen a tiny minority and which seeks to impoverish and enslave a pliant and docile majority.

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If you want a country to remain united you do not go out of your way to kill, destroy, intimidate and tell lies about those that oppose you, that criticize you and that are not in your political party.

You do not attempt to relegate Christianity into being regarded as a weak, inconsequential and second rate faith. You do not burn the cross and attempt to shame our faith. You do not drag our nation into a military coalition of Sunni Muslim countries. You do not refer to concerned Christians as “religious bigots”.

If you want your country to remain together you do not get into bed with the Jihadists. You do not refuse to condemn the heinous activities of your kinsmen, the Fulani militants and herdsmen.

You do not tolerate the banning of preaching in public places, the banning of all-night prayers or the licensing and pulling down of churches anywhere in the country.

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You do not condemn the bombing in Brussels and remain silent about the massacre in Agatu, the slaughter of the Igbo in the east and the mass murder of the Shia in Zaria. You do not behave like the King of the North and instead you conduct yourself like the President of Nigeria.

If you want your country to remain together you do not try to convict and jail your opponents for no just cause or attempt to silence them with sensational, salacious and baseless allegations and lies.

You do not use the security agencies to insult and threaten them on a daily basis and attempt to demonize them with half truths and mendacity before the entire world.

You do not impoverish the people with half-baked and ill-conceived economic and fiscal policies which have resulted in untold hardship, an unprecedented economic recession, high food and fuel prices, endless fuel queues, high electricity tariffs, the exile of the U.S. dollar, the unofficial devaluation of the naira, high unemployment and the lowest generation of electrical power since 1999.

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You do not tell your people that you are ”not a magician” and that they have to live with the debilitating and traumatic fuel queues up until May.

You do not tell the Nigerian people to hold the vandals that are sabotaging our pipelines responsible for the lack of electricity that we are suffering and the perpetual darkness that we have found ourselves in. You do not throw 76 hardworking farmers in police cells in Enugu simply because they attempted to defend their wives, children and farms from the rampaging, lustful and bloodthirsty clutches of the Fulani militants and herdsmen.

If you want your country to remain together you do not tell your people that you will import Brazilian grass and establish grazing lands and settlements for Fulani herdsmen in the south.

You do not say that as a testimony of your so-called ”monumental efforts” to save the nation and as part of your contribution to national and inte

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