Illbliss Open Up on Chidinma Leaving Capital Hill, Says Disagreement is Needed in Life

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Chidinma and Illbliss are rarely seen together in public or social media but behind the scene they work together.

Illbliss real name Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor in a recent
interview revealed Chidinma leaving Capital Hill/Goretti Company is normal human nature ‘It’s normal human nature. People need to disagree in life.

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Sometimes, vision and directions differ, and people choose new directions. It’s part of the business; nothing lasts forever really. Even marriages break up. When artistes get more ambitious and they want to move on, you can only bless them and let them go.’

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When we sought to know if Chidinma was loyal to the label during her stay, Ill Bliss answered, ‘She was absolutely loyal.

What’s important is that Capital Hill continues to make
history.’ Chidinma recently left Capital Hill after spending 5 years with the recording company

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