“I Posts Fake Bills On Social Media” – 50 Cent

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Controversial American rapper, 50 Cent has been questioned for his money-flaunting acts oninstagramafter filing forbankruptcyin2015.
50 defended himself by claiming themoneywas all fake and just props to keep his brand going. He told the judge the bucks were propcashused for eithermusic videosor his hitTVshow “Power.”
According to him;
As a hip-hop artist and entertainer, it is imperative that I continue to project aspirational goals of success in order to preserve my brand and those I represent,
“Mysocial mediaposts are a vehicle to perpetuate the demand for my music and entertainment services.
“Just because I am sensitive to the needs of maintaining my brand does not mean that I am hiding assets or that I have lied on my filings in the bankruptcy case, neither of which is true. I take my responsibilities and obligations imposed by the bankruptcy code very seriously and have truthfully responded to questions from creditors,” A “continuing and consistent presence in social media is an integral part of my future business operations,” .he said, adding that he plans to keep on posting online.”
But those he owes millions of dollars to haven’t been amused by the Instagram posts, and he’s due to answerquestionsabout them before a federalbankruptcyjudge in Connecticut on Wednesday.
The U.S. trustee’s office is also asking the judge, Ann Nevins, to appoint an examiner to review his assets.

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